Patriotic Lavender

We have come a long way this summer in getting our plants in the ground. The hot hot hot weather this summer was not kind to our plants. We lost several hundred but that has not stopped us.  We were able to get the top half of the flag planted. We will finish up the bottom half by the end of this month. We are picking up more plants on the 25th of September. We learned we needed to plant two rows for each stripe so we will complete the second rows in the spring. We are very excited to see this in full bloom and hope you are looking forward to it also. 

We have been having fun selling our dried lavender at the local Oregon Crafters Market in Silverton, OR and look forward to doing it again next summer. As you plan your weekends next summer, keep Silverton in mind. It would be a great starting off point for doing your annual lavender farm tours. We are just down the road so we could be your first stop as you head north to the other amazing farms. 

We hope you have an amazing fall and winter and look forward to seeing you next summer here at the farm.