Memorial Day Tribute

After a few delays with ground cover mishaps we were finally able to put plants in the ground on Memorial Day. As this is a very special day of honoring and remembering our service men and women that gave their all, we decided to do an honor plant.  During 2004/2005 my husband served with many heroes in Iraq. 9 of those heroes gave their all for our country. So we planted 9 white celestial star plants in the star pattern of the union in honor of them.  A 10th star was planted in honor of another family members service hero who gave his all.  

We ended the day with only planting the star plants for the ones that we honored. It seemed fitting to let them stand in remembrance for a period of time. We hope that this tribute flag will be reflected as an honor to all service men and women in all services for this great country. 

We are grateful for their sacrifice and for their families. 

Let us remember them each day, but especially on Memorial Day.