3 Strands Farm 1st Annual Lavender U-Pick

We did a soft launch of our 1st annual lavender u-pick on June 12th to our family and friends. It was a beautiful day, the weather had a break from the rain at just the perfect timing. Our friends and family showed up and enjoyed the lavender as well as give us some tips on things to adjust for our future u-pick days. 

We had such a beautiful crop of lavender this year we decided to open up to the community the following week. We had a lot of interest and many community members stopped by and enjoyed cutting some fresh lavender. We hope we will become a traditional stopping in place each summer for the locals to grab their lavender and enjoy the fragrance of the field. 

My friend Sharon Banick came up and took these beautiful amazing pictures you see in the slide show. I believe she captured the peaceful feeling of the field. She brought it to life and we are so thankful for her visit. 

Our tribute flag field will take a couple of years to be in full bloom but we hope it will be a place for peaceful reflection and an education opportunity on the many beneficial uses of lavender.  

Our next goal is to try our hand at selling the dried lavender at some of the local crafter markets.  A lot of firsts this year but it has all been exciting and a wonderful leap of faith.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart", Proverbs 3:5